The events of the past few weeks and the murder of George Floyd have shaken so many of us and have brought a collective period of reflection, sorrow and action. We have all watched in horror a single act of brutality, and with that seeing the opening of the reality of abhorrible wound of racism. We have also watched in utmost pride the loud voices and the peaceful marches that have occurred globally.

We at Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non Invasive Center reject all forms of racism against people of color, different religious backgrounds, and different gender identities. We all collectively believe in the “oneness of humankind” and strongly feel that the beauty of each person, their souls, their aspirations, and their existence should be recognized and celebrated. We all stand united when we say #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Racism is an abhorrent and vile disease that has roots in individuals, institutions and systems across our great Nation. We all feel that such paradigm needs to be recognized, repaired and abolished. America is our pride and we all love so much of this great country that has given so many of us, including me, a chance to live in, be educated in and become successful productive members of its society. However, we collectively reject the racial divide that has afflicted many fibers of this great Nation throughout the past 400 years of its pre union and United history.

Recently the American Medical Association established the following:

“The AMA recognizes that racism in its systemic, structural, institutional, and interpersonal forms is an urgent threat to public health, the advancement of health equity, and a barrier to excellence in the delivery of medical care.

The AMA opposes all forms of racism.

The AMA denounces police brutality and all forms of racially-motivated violence.

The AMA will actively work to dismantle racist and discriminatory policies and practices across all of health care.”

Furthermore, The American College of Surgeons, recently put out a Statement of Ethical Imperative. They noted that:

“At a time when people are desperately seeking a vaccine to allow them to shed their protective face masks” and return to a semblance of normalcy, unfortunately, African Americans continue to confront, all too frequently, mistreatment or brutality by some law enforcement officers, which has given rise to more than an aspirational slogan, but rather an urgent cry: “Black Lives Matter.” Mr. Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, MN, has brought outraged protesters from diverse backgrounds to the streets of many cities and has resulted in a national and international outcry for justice, an end to police violence against Black men and women, and a long overdue correction of this country’s deep racial inequalities.”

At Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non Invasive Center, we strongly agree that racism is a threat not just to the moral fiber of a Nation, but also a serious menace to the structure and implementation of health care. The radical and irrefutable discrepancy that is observed today in the morbidity and mortality of African Americans when compared to the rest of the population from Covid-19 is indeed a clarion call for us to realize that neglecting care due to race is against the mission of any health care providing institution.

We consider everyone BEAUTIFUL. We as a collective practice met last week in an “Evening of Dialogue and Friendship” and discussed our views on all that has happened. We all felt that the abolishment of racial divides starts at home and it starts from us teaching our children the values that they harbor and act on. We also feel that recognition of racism is imperative in our quest to erase its ugly fangs. We have committed to continue our dialogue and also to create platforms for discussion and action that would go beyond words.

We sincerely hope that when you come to this office that you feel that to us you are not just beautiful, but important, regardless of your age, sex, religious background, gender identity and socioeconomic status. We all hope that our view will be shared by our National, State and Local authorities and our public at large, and that we can all begin the reparation that has been long overdue.

Black Lives Matter.

Sepehr Egrari MD FACS
Medical Director
Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non Invasive Center

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