For men who are obese or significantly overweight, shedding the excess pounds is a positive move in improving both health and appearance. Unfortunately, massive weight loss can leave behind drooping skin and heavy folds, when the skin has been unable to tighten and conform to smaller body contours. Even after significant weight loss, stubborn fat deposits can linger in certain areas.

Board-certified as both a plastic surgeon and general surgeon, Dr. Egrari at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center has developed a national and international reputation for his work with massive weight loss body contouring. His impressive background, extensive experience, and outstanding results have placed him among the leading cosmetic surgeons in the area. Dr. Egrari performs weight loss body contouring procedures for men, removing excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, to create sleeker, smoother, and more masculine body contours.

Why Have Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss?

Loose, Excess Skin

Once the skin has stretched beyond its limits, it cannot shrink back to cling to the body. Particularly when rapid weight loss occurs, as with bariatric surgery, the skin is often unable to conform to the body’s new shape and size. Tremendous amounts of loose, sagging skin can be left hanging at the abdomen and in the chest, flanks, back, thighs, arms, and buttocks.

Loose, hanging, excess skin is not only unattractive; it can also cause irritation, problems with hygiene and make difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and fit properly. Unfortunately, drooping excess skin cannot be tightened with even the most rigorous diet or exercise.

Stubborn Fat Deposits

After losing a significant amount of weight, many men still have fat deposits in certain areas, such as the flanks (love handles), abdomen, or back. These stubborn fat deposits may not respond to diet or exercise, no matter how diligently you adhere to a fitness regimen, or how carefully you manage your diet.

Whether it was accomplished through bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise, after losing a significant amount of weight, you deserve to be satisfied with your efforts. Weight loss body contouring for men can help create the attractive masculine contours you have worked so hard to achieve.

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Weight Loss Body Contouring for Men: Added Procedures

Massive weight loss can affect more areas than most men realize. You may be surprised where the excess folds appear. Dr. Egrari tailors a surgical plan to meet the patient’s individual needs. Procedures involved in weight loss body contouring for men may include:

  • Male breast reduction and chest lift: After weight loss, loose skin and breast tissue remaining in the chest area can create a less masculine appearance. With chest lift and breast reduction surgical techniques, Dr. Egrari can sculpt a flatter, more athletic and fit appearance to the upper body profile.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): Loose skin often accumulates and hangs around the midsection after massive weight loss. This area may also retain stubborn fat deposits that detract from a slender, fit appearance. Abdominoplasty may be combined with liposuction to remove excess skin, firm the abdomen, and sculpt a smoother, trimmer look to the abdomen.
  • Brachioplasty (arm lift): The arms can be affected by significant weight loss, and working out the triceps and biceps cannot eliminate excess skin. In a brachioplasty procedure, Dr. Egrari can excise loose skin and eliminate the excess skin to create a defined and tight upper arm appearance.
  • Lower body lift: Gravity and loose, hanging skin can create a lumpy, unattractive appearance in the lower body after significant weight loss. A lower body lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin, and tighten and sculpt the area from the hips to the knees. This procedure may be combined with liposuction to remove fat deposits to further enhance body contouring results.

Benefits of Weight Loss Body Contouring for Men

Anatomical differences between men and women require different surgical approaches to correct cosmetic issues. Men tend to accumulate fat inside the abdomen and around the flanks.

Male skin retains elasticity longer and tends to be firmer than female skin. After massive weight loss, however, men are often left with unsightly stretch marks and extreme skin laxity. The appearance of stretch marks can be reduced in a weight loss body contouring procedure performed at our luxurious, discreet plastic surgery clinic.

At Egrari Plastic Surgery Center in Bellevue, Dr. Egrari can perform a variety of weight loss body contouring procedures for men to reduce excess skin, lift and tighten sagging tissues, tighten muscle structure, and remove stubborn fat deposits, and sculpt a more athletic, attractive masculine body contour. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Egrari for a custom-tailored treatment plan.

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