If you’re tired of living with this condition, Dr. Egrari can resculpt this area of your body to appear trimmer, more attractive, and fit with an upper body lift. For some patients, the chest may need tightening as an additional part of the procedure. An upper body lift treats these areas so you can experience life ahead with a more athletic, trim appearance, free from excess fat on the back and front of your upper body. No more bulges or rolls.

The upper body lift goes after upper back rolls and improves the appearance of the waistline. It can also be continued to the front, in the form of a reverse abdominoplasty for a full circumferential upper body lift.  In the right candidate, an upper body lift can be in the front only. This is also known as a “reverse abdominoplasty”. This procedure lifts the upper abdominal rolls that are difficult to treat with a conventional abdominoplasty.

You Are A Candidate For A Chest Wall And Upper Body Lift...

  • If you have excessive skin and fat on the bra line.
  • If significant tissue bulges from the side of your bra.
  • If your waistline definition is lost due to drooping tissues on the upper back.
  • If you have lost a significant amount of weight and have rolls in the upper back.
  • If you have upper abdominal laxity of skin and rolls.


  • Reduce the excess skin and fat of the upper back.
  • Eliminate the upper body rolls on the back.
  • Improve the contour of the waist by tightening the upper body and removing excess skin and tissue.
  • Improve the upper abdominal skin laxity.

Description Of An Upper Body Lift Procedure

The upper body lift is a belt-like removal of excess skin and fat from the upper back. This procedure can be just centered on the back, or it can come all the way to the front, which would then address the circumferential laxity of the upper trunk.

  • After healing, the incision scar is hidden under the most common types of bras or swimsuits.
  • The sutures are placed under the skin and naturally absorbed by the body during healing.
  • For some patients, liposuction may be used for the sides of the chest area.
  • This is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia.
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Recovery After An Upper Body Lift

There is minimal discomfort after the operation. Most plastic surgery patients take five to seven days off work and can once again engage in an exercise program after four weeks. You will be provided with a special garment that aids in the healing process by keeping the area supported.

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More Information About An Upper Body Lift

Additional procedures that may enhance the results of an upper body lift are a breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction, depending upon the unique physiology of the patient.

This is a procedure that has evolved from Dr. Egrari’s extensive experience treating massive weight loss body contouring. Some people call the procedure a “bra lift”.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers additional information that can help you understand the details of the procedure: http://www.plasticsurgery.org.

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