Are you tired of seeing excess skin and fat in your upper arms? Are you embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops or other revealing clothing as you feel your arms are flabby, loose, and unattractive? You may be a candidate for an arm lift. This procedure will restore the firm, fit, tight look to your upper arms by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue, and creating definition to your upper arms.

Who is a candidate for Brachioplasty?

If you have accumulated excess skin of the arms secondary to weigh loss (“bat wings”).

If you have lost the contour of your arms and have loose, hanging excess skin.

If you are embarrassed to wear short sleeves as your upper arms are heavy and unattractively loose.

If you have achieved dramatic weight loss and your upper arms are heavy, with loose, droopy skin and tissue.

Intended Results

  • Remove excess fat, tissue and skin of the upper arm.
  • Create defined arms that look attractive.
  • A smooth, attractive upper arm profile with muscle definition.
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Brachioplasty Procedure

  • The excess skin on the upper arm is removed, from armpit to the elbows.
  • For some patients, the incisions are extended into the armpit to resolve excess skin and fat in the area, or extended below the elbow to help refine the lower arm area.
  • Liposuction is used in this procedure to remove fatty deposits.
  • All sutures are absorbable. The area is bandaged during healing.
  • Occasionally drains are used.
  • A special surgical garment is provided for support and healing.
  • This outpatient operation is done under general anesthesia.
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Recovery After an Arm Lift:

  • Minimal discomfort, controlled by prescription pain medication for the first few days.
  • Most arm lift patients take one week off work and resume exercise in 4-6 weeks.
  • Any swelling resolves in about a month.
  • Full results are achieved in about three months.
  • Our post-operative scar management will be in full force with this operation.

Other Procedures performed in Conjunction with a Brachioplasty

  • Additional procedures that enhance results are lateral Thoracoplasty (chest wall recontouring), breast lift, and upper body lift for full body resculpting.
  • The position of the incisions of brachioplasty are carefully placed so they are hidden when your arms are at your sides.
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The Art of Aesthetic SurgeryPrinciples and Techniques

Dr. Egrari is a global leader in Brachioplasty. He has been involved with multiple presentations and publications in peer reviewed journals about this subject. Recently, he authored the chapter on Brachioplasty in one of plastic surgery's most definitive textbooks, The Art of Aesthetic Surgery Principles & Techniques.

Click here to read the full chapter

Brachioplasty in Seattle

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons additional information on Brachioplasty at

Visit our gallery to view images of patients who have had arm lift surgery performed by renowned Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Egrari.

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