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Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Sepehr Egrari, is the medical director of Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non-Invasive Center and has established a practice of excellence in the Pacific Northwest. He is recognized nationally and is a regular speaker at professional meetings. He is well published, and known as an expert in facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation and body recontouring. He leads this exquisite Bellevue, Washington accredited facility as its sole physician and surgeon. Dr. Egrari maintains an impressive roster of credentials. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, both of which are under the American Board of Medical Specialties. He provides totally individualized surgical and non-invasive solutions to some of the most common presentations in aesthetic surgery.

Sepehr Egrari MD FACS

Plastic Surgery Center Overview

A cut above… Our nationally recognized Seattle plastic surgery center in Washington embodies excellence in all aspects of science, technology and artistry. Our approach is unique as we provide a truly individualized “boutique” experience. Our vast services meet the demands of highly sophisticated consumers of plastic surgery from places near and far. We take serious pride in providing the most cutting-edge and safest aesthetic plastic surgery services for our patients.

Simply, world class.

Breast Implants

Dr. Egrari is known for his high level of artistry in performing breast procedures, including breast augmentation with implants, whether silicone or saline. He also performs a range of corrective plastic surgery procedures for the breast, including breast lift, breast reduction, and breast revision surgery. He employs cutting-edge surgical techniques, including a new approach to subtle breast augmentation with the use of natural fat transfer.

Some women want breast implants removed and the natural breast tissue reshaped. Whatever breast issue needs to be enhanced or corrected, it is vital that your plastic surgeon has the skills to create a natural look and feel. Our entire plastic surgery practice was built around the patient experience and customizing each procedure to produce the most aesthetically-pleasing outcomes. As a true artist in plastic surgery, Dr. Egrari has become one of the most sought-after breast implant surgeons in the Seattle area.


Your body may be a source of embarrassment, due to the signs of aging or an unbalanced figure, oryou may have unsightly fatty deposits at waist, thighs, or other body area that make you less confident in your physical image. We provide a wide range of body sculpting techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, including liposuction. We offer advanced liposuction technology to reduce unwanted fatty deposits on love handles, waist, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and inner knees. Some patients who may have been told they are not good candidates for liposuction due to being overweight should speak with Dr. Egrari, as some heavier people may now be accepted for liposuction.


For a more lovely, rounded derriere, we offer both Brazilian butt lift with natural fat transfer and butt implants. Create the perfectly balanced figure if you were born with a flat or small butt, with an attractive bottom that perfectly suits your body shape – and your personal vision of beauty. Our advanced liposuction technology produces results far superior to traditional liposuction. From extreme body contouring procedures for those who have undergone bariatric surgery or natural weight loss, to tummy tuck surgery or a custom “mommy makeover,” or modern vaginal rejuvenation techniques, we offer the full range of procedures to give you a trimmer, more attractive body.

Tummy Tuck

Fatty deposits around the tummy zone are often impossible to resolve with diet and exercise alone. Split abdominal muscles and stretched skin leave the tummy looking saggy, droopy, and unappealing. A tummy tuck will tighten the muscle structure, remove excess fat, tissue, and skin, and create a smooth, tight, firm tummy that looks young and flat. A custom procedure, many stretch marks appearing lower on the abdomen may be removed in a tummy tuck. Ready to restore a tighter, more youthful look to your abdomen? We can help.


Dr. Egrari is recognized for his artistry in performing nose reshaping surgery. This surgical procedure requires a delicate approach and an eye for facial balance to achieve a truly exceptional result. Facial balance is achieved through carefully evaluating how your natural features can be enhanced with an altered nose size or shape. Issues such as larger nostrils, a hump on bridge, droopy tip, overlarge tip, or a sharp, pointy nose appearance can all be altered to dramatically enhance your facial appearance.


Your face reveals much about you – and when beautifully balanced, will be a powerful attraction. When the features are not aligned and harmonious, such as an overlarge or unsightly nose structure, sagging eyelids, droopy brows, or protruding ears, cosmetic surgery may be the answer. When choosing to undergo facial cosmetic surgery, you want to ensure your plastic surgeon is known for great meticulous procedures performed with artistry for exceptional results.

If you see the unattractive signs of aging, with jowls appearing, deep smile lines, a double chin, or saggy and wrinkled facial skin, Dr. Egrari can help you look fresh, younger, and rejuvenated with a custom facelift. Some patients were genetically programmed to have a small or receding chin and want to achieve a more beautiful, balanced profile with chin augmentation surgery. If your facial skin is showing the signs of age and has lost its fresh, supple quality, laser skin resurfacing may be the appropriate treatment.

Mommy Makeover

After pregnancy and childbirth, the body and breasts may have significantly altered – and not for the better. A “mommy makeover” is a customized set of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, employed to restore the trim, fit, youthful look of a pre-baby body – or even better. The procedures may include breast lift, breast augmentation, body contouring, tummy tuck, or other surgical or non-surgical treatment. Our patients report a huge increase of confidence when these issues are resolved and the body is restored.


Dr. Egrari is known for his outstanding level of artistry in cosmetic surgery for men. He offers a range of procedures geared to serve males, including facial rejuvenation, surgery to correct gynecomastia, liposuction to achieve a more sculptured look, pectoral implants, and weight loss body contouring, among others. We understand the unique concerns of male patients and cater to their individual needs at our Seattle area plastic surgery clinic.

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Non-Invasive Center Overview

Introducing… Egrari Non-Invasive Center (ENIC). A state-of-the-art facility, also known as our medical spa in Seattle, is dedicated to non-invasive procedures for a new generation of patients whose busy lives do not allow for major downtime. Under the leadership of Bellevue plastic surgeon, Dr. Sepehr Egrari, ENIC provides effective popular non-invasive procedures to meet the discriminating demands of a new generation of patients. ENIC is a natural evolution and extension of nearly two decades of extraordinary, world-class practice at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center.

Simply, one of a kind.

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