This excess skin on the arms, legs, abdomen, or thighs can prevent you from looking and feeling your best and limit your clothing options. Dr. Egrari is highly regarded in the field of body contouring after massive weight loss in Seattle and across the country, and he wants to help you reduce the unsightly excess skin to complete your weight loss journey. Dr. Egrari is a national leader in massive weight loss body contouring. He has dedicated over two decades of experience to this unique group of patients. His work has been widely recognized, and The Egrari Plastic Surgery Center is a center of excellence for these very complex operations. 

Am I Candidate For Massive Weight-loss Body Contouring?

If you have had bariatric surgery or have lost a significant amount of weight through strict dieting and exercise, it can be depressing to have achieved your weight loss goals and be left with unsightly skin that droops and hangs. You are likely a candidate for this procedure if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Men or women who have lost a significant amount of weight and have an abundance of excess skin that your body cannot reabsorb
  • Men and women with excess hanging skin who have trouble exercising or with daily activities due to the discomfort of excess skin
  • Men and women who are self-conscious about excess hanging skin and have trouble concealing it with clothing
  • Men and women whose weight has stabilized and are committed to a healthy lifestyle

What Is Involved?

Our body contouring in Bellevue involves a wide variety of procedures. Every person is unique. The body reacts differently after dramatic weight loss, and can be left with excess skin in various areas based on where the fatty deposits collected and the skin’s response to shrinking overall body size. Weight loss body contouring (WLBC) treatments are custom-tailored to the individual patient.

WLBC Procedures include:


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What To Expect In Weight Loss Body Contouring

Dr. Egrari will help you understand your customized treatment and the procedures necessary. These operations are performed under general anesthesia. Incisions will be placed strategically to allow for skin removal and the preservation of natural features (such as navel and nipples). Every effort will be made to place incisions in areas that will be hidden under revealing clothing in the future. During the procedure, the abdominal muscle structures may be tightened to create a firmer, trimmer body contour and mend stretched muscles.

Excess skin and fat will be removed, and the incisions will be closed to tighten existing skin. The majority of these operations are done as an outpatient. Dr. Egrari is considered a pioneer in outpatient body contouring, and his contribution to the literature on this subject has shown its safety and efficacy. If extensive procedures are needed, WLBC can be performed in stages. Spreading out procedures to multiple surgery sessions may be appropriate for some patients. Every person is different, and this can be discussed during your consultation.

Recovery After Weight Loss Body Contouring

Recovery from weight loss body contouring in Seattle will vary based upon the extent of your procedure. You will need to plan to rest at home and take adequate time off work so you can heal properly. You will also have multiple follow-up appointments with Dr. Egrari and his nursing staff to monitor your progress.

You will soon be able to see a slimmer, sleeker figure and be able to enjoy the smoothed body contour and freedom of movement — and the ability to wear more revealing clothing for many years to come.

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Dr. Egrari: Accomplished Plastic Surgeon In Seattle

Our exquisite plastic surgery center has garnered a reputation as one of the most respected centers for massive weight loss body contouring in Seattle and the nation, with referral sources from all over the world. Dr. Egrari is repeatedly nominated by the elite colleagues and leaders of plastic surgery societies to share his unique and innovative techniques — a recognition that is especially prestigious and rewarding. At The Egrari Plastic Surgery Center, we understand that massive weight loss is a journey and that there are unique needs with this group of patients. Dr. Egrari’s approach is always guided first by safety, and ends with delivering harmony back to the body’s form.

Dr. Egrari has even authored medical journal articles on the topic of weight loss body contouring. This level of ongoing involvement with clinical trials and presenting academic lectures to his colleagues keeps Dr. Egrari immersed in the developments that this exciting field can offer weight loss patients, and thus can provide even more stellar results. If you have excess skin due to weight loss, we invite you to visit us and find out more about our advanced treatments, as well as experience arguably the best results in body contouring Bellevue and Seattle have to offer.

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