With over two decades of hands-on experience and tens of thousands of successful surgeries performed, Dr. Egrari has long been proud to serve patients from right here in Bellevue, to many more from out across the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the world.

In the growing interest of the health, service and safety of patients, Dr. Egrari and his team at Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non-Invasive Center have invested in state-of-the-art and fully HIPAA-compliant telemedicine systems. Our new systems and protocols allow us to be of service to more patients throughout the Americas and abroad, allowing you to connect personally with Dr. Egrari from the safety and comfort of your home — from anywhere in the world.

Understanding Telemedicine

Telemedicine, telehealth and virtual consultations refer to a form of health and medicine done over any electronic or virtual means of connection, including by smartphone or computer. Telemedicine has been around since the late 1950s, but has come into vogue more recently due to the coronavirus. Using a secure means of connection and communication, patients can be advised, consulted, evaluated and prescribed for almost any number of conditions or concerns.

Among the advantages of telemedicine are that patients do not need to travel, spend time in waiting rooms, or risk exposure to possibly infected persons, while still being able to fulfill their own needs and get the professional services offered by a doctor or surgeon and the team here at Egrari. Surgical procedures can also be scheduled using telemedicine, and Egrari’s professional team can work with our patients to arrange for the many procedures we offer, while fulfilling our highest priority: your safety and wellbeing.

Another beauty and benefit of telehealth is also that it allows for the rapid and secure transmission of patient information such as photographs, prescriptions or medical data where these might be needed.

Continued Service. Increased Safety.

Telemedicine allows us to continue to service our patients while ensuring their health and safety. Patients from anywhere in the world in search of professional treatment from highly renowned cosmetic surgeons, estheticians and nurses can be consulted, advised and serviced right from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with these services and do everything possible to ensure your health and safety.


Whatever The Future Holds, We Are With You In It

In this post-COVID world, we at Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non-Invasive Center envision that virtual consultations will be a highly sought after commodity. Thus, we invested heavily into establishing our world class experience virtually, for patients both locally and abroad. We have long felt that remaining on the cutting edge of knowledge begets the greatest patient outcome, and that that knowledge alone is what has allowed us to pleasantly exceed our patient’s many challenging expectations for more than two decades. We gauge our success by this alone and trust that our full telemedicine functionality carries well in our tradition of being at the forefront of technology and providing the finest, most personalized results for each one of our patients.

How To Take Advantage Of Our Virtual Consultations

Video consultations with Egrari Plastic Surgery and Non-Invasive Center are simple and easy to set up. The only patient-required setup or systems are already very widely available: a cell phone or a computer and a quiet, comfortable place from which to call us.

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Available Across All Platforms

Virtual consultations with Dr. Egrari or the team are arrangeable on all of the following platforms:

  • Any smartphone, including iPhone and Android devices.
    (425) 827-7878
  • Facetime (425) 827-7878
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom: We are also pleased to be able to offer a Zoom conferencing arrangement that is fully HIPAA compliant for the protection and privacy of our patients. While we believe each of the above platforms are safe and secure, for patient’s particularly concerned about privacy we suggest Zoom for its HIPAA-compliant privacy.

Schedule A Virtual Consultation

To schedule a virtual consultation or telemedicine session with Dr. Egrari or his providers, please use the form here.

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