No other substance is more easily accepted by your body than your own natural fat. Facial fat transfer procedures are becoming a popular option for many patients. This facial rejuvenation treatment is safe, and can produce beautiful results. Fat extracted from an area of your body with excess deposits is purified and then skillfully injected into the facial area with lost volume, such as cheeks or temples. If your face has lost the firm look of your younger years, find out more about our Seattle fat transfer techniques and how this process can help you restore a more youthful look to your face without injecting a synthetic substance. Fat transfer is also effective for other areas of the body.

Anti-Aging Treatments with Fat Transfer

Your facial skin is often the first area to show the signs of aging. This area is always exposed to the elements, including sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold – all of which are common in Seattle. As the facial skin is impacted by the elements, the skin begins to lose flexibility and its supple quality, drifting down, creating sagging cheeks or a gaunt, tired appearance. Our fat transfer in Seattle procedure can restore and rejuvenate your face or lips – or both – with the use of your own natural fat to produce a younger, fresher look and restoring lost volume. The results are subtle, leaving you looking more vital – and as young as you feel.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Injection?

If you have experienced the loss of fatty tissue in some areas of your face, either due to aging or due to trauma.

If you have thin lips due to aging or genetics.

If you are noticing deeply-etched smile lines.

If you want to enhance the definition of your chin or jaw line.

If you want to avoid the use of artificial implants in facial enhancement.

If you want a significant cosmetic enhancement.

If you have had liposuction and have been left with skin irregularities.

Intended Results

  • Rejuvenate and enhance thinned-out areas of the face and body by strategically placing fat in multiple layers.
  • Our focus is to create the most natural and long-lasting results in fat transfer Seattle has to offer.
  • Improve post-liposuction flaws in bumps and dips.
Fat Transfer Seattle

Fat Injection Procedure Description:

  • This outpatient procedure is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Fatty tissue is harvested in a non-traumatic fashion from appropriate areas such as the inner thighs or lower abdomen. The amount of fat that is removed creates a secondary slimming effect.
  • The fat is then prepared and purified by first centrifuging it in a special medical device.
  • Small (1-2 millimeter) incisions are placed in strategic areas; specialized cannulas are used to microinject fatty cells into multiple layers in the appropriate area. This dramatic technique makes it possible for the fat cells to become viable, and part of your body, plumping out the problem areas.
Seattle Fat Transfer

Recuperation and healing after Fat Injection:

  • Sutures are removed in 3-4 days, if any. There is often slight bruising, but no special dressings or drains. Most patients resume normal activity in 2-3 days. Depending in the areas treated, most patients go back to work in 5-7 days.
  • Minimal discomfort is associated with this procedure. Oral pain medication can easily control any mild discomfort experienced in the first 24 hours.

Information About Fat Injection:

  • Autologus (means extracted from the same individual) fat injection can be done in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as facelift, brow lift, or neck lift.
  • Fat injection is becoming more accepted and is gaining as an effective treatment in the field of cosmetic surgery. There is tremendous research on fat injection and its possible healing and regenerative powers from the stem-like cells that are injected into the treated area. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Fat injection is powerful and effective for post-liposuction deformities.
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers additional information on fat injection at

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