About Our Anesthesiologists

At Sepehr Egrari MD FACS PC, Plastic Surgery Center our priority is your safety. Everything else comes secondary! Anesthesia is one of the most critical part of our attention to safety.

In 2019 we celebrate a totally unique 2O year anniversary with this group of anesthesiologists. Such stability of relationship is an indication of trust that we have with this group. They have been involved with some of the most complex aesthetic and reconstructive procedures that have been done in our facility. They have seen it all. And, all has been impeccable.

Steven Markowitz MD PhD and his associates make up a group of board-certified and fellowship trained anesthesiologists that see at the core of their practice safety and impeccable attention to patient comfort. They all embody excellence in their deliverance of state-of-the-art anesthesia care. They are active participants in our safety protocols, and also have significant say in the type of state of the art equipment that we add to this surgical unit.

Anesthesia is a critical part of your journey. We want you to be at ease knowing that the BEST is in charge.

Our Team of Anesthesiologists

  • Stephen Markowitz, MD, PhD — Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
  • Evelyn Lindenthaler, MD — Vanderbilt, Nashville
  • Andrew Rice, MD — University of Washington, Seattle
  • Young Kim, MD — Ohio State University, Cincinnati
  • Kim Fitzgerald, MD — University of Washington, Seattle
  • Priya Sarathy, MD — University of Washington, Seattle
  • Francis Tamburine, MD — Mercy Medical Center, San Diego
  • Deyan Milligen, MD — University of Washington, Seattle
  • Vincent Chau, MD — University of Washington, Seattle
  • Yuko Yano, MD — Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle
  • Cara Lukin Williams, MD — University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

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