This beauty trend may have exploded with the help of supermodel Kendall Jenner, who is known for promoting the freedom and allure of a “braless” look. The look is particularly attractive when wearing sheer or clingy tops and dresses. Dr. Egrari has noticed many more women coming to him to achieve perkier, more prominent nipples. Are you considering this latest red-carpet look? It is undeniably attractive and can be yours after a short appointment.

If you want sexier, more prominent, we can perform a custom nipple enhancement with dermal fillers. Your nipple shape and appearance can be subtly altered to create a more enticing, visible, super-feminine look for:

  • Inverted nipples
  • Small nipples
  • Flat nipples

Dermal filler can be used to improve the appearance of most nipples; however, a true inverted nipple requires a surgical solution.

What Is A Designer Nipple Treatment?

You are unique and so are your nipples! However, if you feel they are less appealing due to being too flat, small, or inverted, you have the option to create a sexier look with a custom designer nipple procedure. The actual treatment is based upon the current size, shape, and projection of your nipples. You have a vision you want to achieve, and Dr. Egrari has the delicacy and precision you need to create an appealing, natural look.


Should I Get Designer Nipples?

For sexy, visible nipples you can reveal in sheer or revealing tops and dresses, you can do no better than having a designer nipple enhancement from our office. The treatment will be performed with a dermal filler, which is carefully injected to create a more prominent nipple structure.

How Long Will It Last?

The enhancement typically lasts about two years, after which you can undergo another treatment. Revealing your body through lace or sheer fabrics may less attractive than you imagined if your nipples are flatter, smaller, or rarely erect. With our designer nipple treatment, clingy fabrics will show off your look, drawing the eye and creating an exciting visual impact.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

It takes only a few minutes to enhance your nipple size and shape. Perky nipples are definitely a trending look, and if you weren’t born with them, we can help. Set aside about an hour for us to work our magic, and you will walk out of our private clinic with visibly more perky and prominent nipples.

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Are Nipple Injections Safe?

The dermal fillers used to create designer nipples are hyaluronic acid-based and very safe. The gel is soft and flexible in feel, and adds volume that feels entirely natural. These fillers rarely cause a negative reaction and are very effective. Over time, the filler is reabsorbed by your body with no side effects. However, you do want the enhancement to be performed under the supervision of a respected and double board-certified plastic surgeon, as a less qualified injector may inject the product into the wrong area, which could cause complications.

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