Aging Skin And Breast Implant Removal

As the skin ages, it loses its natural flexibility. The skin stretches, and you may be dismayed to see your breasts sitting lower and lower on your chest. When replacing older or ruptured breast implants, you may want to consider a breast lift as an important added procedure in your surgical plan if it’s time to replace your implants.

Replacing Breast Implants

If you have had breast implants in place for over seven years, you can predict that in the near future your implants will need to be removed and replaced.

Dr. Egrari can evaluate the current condition of your breast implants and advise you if they should be removed and replaced, or removed altogether if this is what you wish.

Removing Breast Implants

Some women no longer want the larger size of breast implants and want to return to a more natural look, with the implants removed and their natural breast size restored. One of the drawbacks is that the size and weight of the implants will have stretched the breast skin. Because of this, a simple implant removal can leave the breasts looking saggy and deflated. However, this issue can be fully resolved with a custom breast lift.

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Breast Implant Removal With Lift

A breast lift procedure involves removing the excess skin and reshaping the breasts so they are once again plump, shapely, and round, while restoring the natural breast tissue to a youthful position on your chest. If your nipples have drooped or sagged, their position and size can be altered in the same surgical procedure.


Breast Implant Removal
With A Breast Lift

Imagine yourself with a younger-looking figure. This vision typically includes round, firm breasts that are positioned high on the chest. This is because breasts that are lower on the chest are associated with age — and that’s when a breast lift can be truly transformational and can make your body look years younger than your natural age.

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Removing Breast Implants

Many women once wanted larger breasts and chose to have a breast augmentation, but as the years have passed they have become unhappy with the way their implants look and would prefer to return to a natural breast size.

To restore the natural breast tissue after the removal of breast implants, it’s important that your surgery is performed by a premier plastic surgeon in Seattle. In any plastic surgery procedure, it’s the hands behind the surgery that make all the difference in outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Egrari For Breast Implant Removal In Seattle?

Dr. Egrari has garnered a reputation for excellence in surgery and has truly impressive credentials. Since he is deeply involved in clinical trials for new technologies and surgical procedures, you can be confident that your procedure will be performed with the most advanced equipment and technology at his state-of-the-art, luxurious clinic in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Egrari is currently in the process of collecting one of the largest experiences with this operation, and will be publishing his techniques and outcomes soon.

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The Procedure To Remove Implants With Lift

If the patient has saline implants, it is often advised to pre-operatively deflate the implants. This will help the outcome and will ensure proper blood supply to the nipples. In general, patients are marked and a new position for nipple complex is determined. Implants are removed, and as much of the capsule as needed is removed. The breast is lifted. All patients will have drains.


The recovery time from this procedure will be similar to the original breast surgery. It’s normal to experience some degree of bruising or swelling after the procedure. A compression garment will be placed over your breasts to minimize swelling and promote smooth healing. While the procedure may leave you feeling some discomfort, prescription pain medication easily manages this issue in the early stages, after which over-the-counter painkillers are effective.

Avoid engaging in any strenuous physical activity for several weeks, as well as any lifting or stretching.

We carefully monitor our patients during recovery, and are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Dr. Egrari uses the smallest incisions possible and the most advanced surgical procedures to help his patients heal more quickly. 

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This has become one of the most gratifying procedures performed by Dr. Egrari. Implants have a time and a place. Most women who are choosing breast implant removal with a lift are at the endpoint of their journey. This operation restores the natural appearance of the breasts. Depending on the volume that a patient has, they can expect a great outcome. If a patient is thin and has very little inherent breast volume, then their outcome will be limited. Most patients are satisfied with this.

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