Who is a candidate for Liposuction?

  • If you have excess subcutaneous fat which is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • If your skin is elastic and is not going to become loose after liposuction.
  • If you wish to change the contour of your body. Commonly involved areas are the underside of the chin, upper arms, male chest/breasts, trunk, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, and inner knees.
  • Most Seattle liposuction patients are near normal weight and desire permanent contour changes.
  • Improved Liposuction techniques now allow larger amounts of fat removal. Occasionally, heavier persons can benefit from Liposuction.

Intended results of Liposuction:

  • A permanent improvement in the contour and proportion of the treated areas.
  • A more flattering figure or physique, in or out of clothing.
  • Bringing back the silhouette that you have lost due to age, pregnancy or weight gain.

Description of a Liposuction procedure:

  • The majority of the procedures are done as an outpatient. Occasionally, as with extreme large volume Liposuction, it is necessary to monitor the patient overnight.
  • Although local anesthesia may be used, general anesthesia is used most often for patient comfort.
  • We use a super wet technique of infiltration of the solution before Liposuction. This is considered to be the safest and most effective method.
  • Dr. Egrari uses a power-assisted Liposuction Device by MicroAire®. This machine etches the desired areas with less trauma and higher accuracy. He considers this to be the state of the art device at this point.
  • The instrument is inserted through very small incisions placed in inconspicuous locations near the fat deposits, and excess fat is removed. This is done with the smallest diameter cannula and is done with meticulous care for different tissue and fat layers.

Recuperation and healing after Liposuction:

  • The Bellevue liposuction patient goes home with a compression garment covering the treated area. Compression is advised for about a month as it reduces swelling and achieves final results more quickly. Once pain or soreness decrease, it is frequently more comfortable to wear lycra or spandex exercise pants.
  • Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral pain medication.
  • Bruising and swelling usually subside in one week. The final result takes shape over 2-3 months.

Other options besides Liposuction:

  • Additional procedures that may enhance results are Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, and Breast Augmentation.
  • Liposuction continues to be at the forefront of research in plastic surgery. Today there are many claims about “smart” machines and “laser” machines. There has been no substantiated prospective trial that has indicated that any of these procedures are better than the current state-of-the-art conventional Liposuction that we use. We are constantly looking for better experiences and will bring them to you when we feel that there is scientific merit behind them. Stay tuned…
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers additional information on liposuction — http://www.plasticsurgery.orgv

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