The “Lash and Brow Studio” at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center is becoming the talk of the town.

Nothing enhances a woman’s appearance like long, lush, dark eyelashes. A universal symbol of feminine beauty, beautiful eyelashes frame and flatter the eyes, increase eye contact and connection, and enhance feminine appeal. We believe that lashes and brows are an excellent adjunct to aesthetic surgery of the face.

When it comes to eyelashes, nature has been kinder to some women than others. Even if you were born with gorgeous lashes, they often begin to thin with age. Fortunately, at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center, we can create long, lush, beautiful lashes with the non-invasive application of eyelash extensions.

Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions

With eyelash extensions, our patients can enjoy fabulous lashes that draw attention to the eyes, one of the most compelling, attractive facial features. There are many reasons to get eyelash extensions:

Enhance your eyes: Eyelash extensions can dramatically enhance the eyes, making them appear bigger, brighter, and more youthful.

Take years off your appearance: As they dramatically enhance the eyes, eyelash extensions can take years off a woman’s appearance. They add volume and thickness to natural lash growth and make tired eyes appear more attractive, youthful and refreshed.

No more mascara or “raccoon eyes”: Wake up every morning with beautiful lashes, with no need to apply mascara or worry about smudges or reapplication.

Natural appearance: Eyelash extensions can give you beautiful, natural-looking lashes which cannot be achieved with false eyelashes.

Save time: Eyelash extensions greatly minimize the need to apply eye makeup, use an eyelash curler, or remove makeup at the end of the day. You can save time on applying eye makeup in the morning and on removing it at night.

What's Involved

At Egrari Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle, we apply eyelash extensions to your natural lashes in a comfortable procedure that takes about two hours to complete. After the initial application, you will only need a 45 minute “touch up” or “fill in” treatment approximately once every two to three weeks. Get in touch with our luxurious, world-class facility in Bellevue to learn more about eyelash extensions.

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