Welcome to Egrari Non Invasive Center

This free-standing state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to non-invasive procedures for a new generation of patients whose busy lives do not allow for major downtime. Under the leadership of Dr. Sepehr Egrari, ENIC provides approved, popular, non-invasive / non-surgical procedures to meet the discriminating demands of a new generation of patients.

As an extension of Egrari Plastic Surgery Center, we provide the same boutique-style practice at Egrari Non Invasive Center. Guiding you every step of the way as you embark on your journey here at Egrari Non Invasive Center.


Revolutionary Treatments in a New State of the Art Facility

ENIC is a natural offshoot and extension of nearly two decades of extraordinary, world-class practice at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center. It is dedicated entirely to providing procedures that are effective, safe, and convenient: from Coolsculpting, the popular fat-freezing technology, to Cellfina, the only known cellulite reduction technique; from MiraDry, the FDA-approved machine to reduce underarm hair and sweating, to the Thermi system, which provides skin tightening and vaginal rejuvenation; from Kybella®, which treats unwanted neck aging and fat, to a range of injectables given by a crew of experts.

ENIC is totally devoted to bringing the latest array of options all in the luxurious, modern, and cutting-edge setting that our practice is known for.

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