Medical records are vital in patient care. They are a “diary” of the evaluation, examination, and treatment of a particular presentation. They assist us to care for our patients and to share information with other physicians when needed. Egrari Plastic Surgery Center has been at the forefront of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). For the past five years, tremendous efforts have been made to create a nearly paperless office. Our registration, evaluation, operative notes, nursing notes, procedure notes and patient communications are a part of the permanent archive of the records of the patient. NexTech, our medical records software, is at the forefront of the platform particularly suited for a plastic surgery practice.

We also have a highly sophisticated and secure storage with enterprise level servers, redundant mirror image back up systems, and power supply support that makes our presentation of medical records like no other.

If you would like to request your medical records, please fill out and sign a Request for Medical Records Release Form and send it to one of our office coordinators at