This is the age of Google and Mars Curiosity. We don’t describe, we show. At Egrari Plastic Surgery Center, we are dedicated to showcase the possibilities by series of high tech applications on our electronic platforms so you, the patient, can visualize the outcomes. We are able to show you what injectables in your laugh lines (nasolabial folds) look like or what your nose will look like after a delicate rhinoplasty. What will your breasts look like after Breast Augmentation? We can show you that too. We think descriptions are archaic and draconian. Again, we don’t tell–we show.

At Egrari Plastic Surgery Center we believe in being “avant guard” and being ahead of the curve. Come and discover an array of displays that take the guesswork out of the equation. We are dedicated to providing multi-faceted information, as we believe information is power.

Our highly sophisticated photography technology allows us to use some of the most powerful techniques available to show simulation of the outcome. Like Vectra which is in 3D, our imaging simulation can show variety of outcomes in 2D and can assist the patient in seeing the reality of their future. Canfield Imaging has been at the forefront of medical photography and we proudly are showcasing some of the best equipment and software that they have produced.