Dr. Egrari, a board certified plastic surgeon in Bellevue, Washington,  approaches your face in both a scientific and artistic fashion: he believes in an overall volumetric rejuvenation of the aging components of the face. With the use of the latest techniques in brow lifts and eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), Dr. Egrari approaches the upper face as the crown of the facial features. In general, he believes that in upper facial surgery “less is best”. The complex of brow and eyes should be in harmony with the rest of the face. His unique approach to facelifts, have made him one of the most sought after facelift surgeons in Seattle and Bellevue area. He uses the most classic elements of facelifts, and mixes it with the latest array of techniques of deep plane (SMAS) and superficial lifting. He strongly believes that most facelifts need to have fat injection. As we age the youthful cushion of fat start dissipating and injection of fat invigorates that youthfulness of the face. Laser Skin Resurfacing puts the finishing touches of an aged skin. Using the Sciton Profile Laser, Dr. Egrari has the ability to fine tune the specific needs that a patient presents with.

Dr. Egrari, has one of the largest rhinoplasty practices in the Seattle area. His incredible passion for a “Natural” rhinoplasty (nose job) has made him the favorite in the area. He truly takes into account ethnicity, age, gender and over body physique to come up with a functionally and artistically sound nose.

At your consultation he will evaluate your face and describe the latest and the most advanced plastic surgery techniques in facial rejuvenation and reshaping. He will then listen to your concerns and give you what he perceives to be your best match. He will show you variety of photos and also uses computer simulation when needed.

Your face is a reflection of your soul. Let your rejuvenation bring about your dreams of youth and your desire for enhancement.

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