Who is a candidate for Buttock Implant?

  • If you desire a fuller buttock.
  • If you have lost the curve of your buttock with aging.
  • If you have disproportion between your upper and lower body.

Intended results of Buttock Implant:

  • Create a larger and ‘sexier’ buttock.
  • Improve upon a flattened buttock.
  • Re-create the curves of the back area.

Description of the Buttock Implant procedure:

  • A small incision in the vertical crack between your gluteal folds is used.
  • The implant is placed under the covering of the fascia of your muscle.
  • There are many types of implants for different body shapes and sizes
  • Usually a drain is used for a few days, and all incision are covered with a special glue.
  • A special garment is provided for you.
  • This is an outpatient procedure done under general anesthesia.

Recuperation and healing after Buttock Implant

  • For the first 5-7 days, all efforts need to be made not to sit on the implants.
  • Most patients take 7-10 days off work.
  • Most patients resume exercise in 4 weeks.
  • Minimal discomfort is managed by oral pain medications.

Other options and information on Buttock Implant:

  • Additional procedures that may enhance results are Liposuction of the flanks and thighs and thigh lift. This adjunctive procedure carves out the buttock area and creates better balance and harmony. Patients who are interested in total body rejuvenation may also consider breast augmentation in Seattle.
  • Some of the recent attention that our entertainers have brought to having larger buttocks shows this procedure as one that brings out femininity that otherwise cannot be achieved.
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers additional information — http://www.plasticsurgery.org.

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