First Visit

When you first visit our office, you will find that you are in a special place. You will be met with warmth and serious regard. You will meet our coordinators and fill out some brief paperwork. You will be escorted to our consultation room to meet with Dr. Egrari.

At Egrari Plastic Surgery Center, we believe that a safe and satisfactory journey begins with information. With clear and understandable information, you will feel more at ease and better able to make your important decision.

New Patient Forms:
New Patient Registration
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Our consultation fee is $100, which is credited toward your scheduled service or procedure. We observe a strict cancellation policy and ask that patients provide us with 48 hours’ notice if changes are made to their scheduled appointment.

We provide online access to fill out your health information in the comfort of your own home prior to your first visit.

Meeting the Doctor

Dr. Egrari is a plastic surgeon in Seattle who believes in detailed personal consultations. His trademarks are his ability to listen to your desires and to then recommend the appropriate procedures. He will also discuss the benefits and limitations of each. We recommend jotting down any questions or concerns on a note pad that is accessible at the time of your consult to ensure that all is addressed. This would be an ideal time to take notes on information you feel is necessary to have upon starting your journey with us.

Dr. Egrari is very keen on making sure his patients are well informed. Because of this, we have prepared presentations of the basic information and before and after photos of your desired procedure(s).


Our nursing staff will prepare you for your examination. At this phase, you will have a detailed and focused physical examination, after which Dr. Egrari will give you his recommendations. Patients are always examined in the presence of our nursing staff.


Following your examination and recommendations provided by Dr. Egrari, our nursing staff will guide you to our studio to capture your before images and (depending on your procedure) your 3D images.

If you are visiting us to discuss a breast or nose procedure, Dr. Egrari will present a 3D simulation of what to expect after said procedures.

If you are visiting for nose, buttock enhancement or facial implants, Dr. Egrari will present a digital simulation to simulate your results.

Financial Obligation and Scheduling

The next step would involve our Patient Care Coordinators. They will discuss scheduling and will give you a very detailed explanation of your financial obligations. You will receive a copy of an estimate of our fees.

Our Patient Care Coordinators are not trained to be salespersons. We understand your desires, we know your choices, and we obtain your trust through the excellence of Dr. Egrari’s work.

Other Visits

You are encouraged to be scrutinizing in your quest for beauty. We encourage seeking out other professional opinions. Our Patient Care Coordinators have a list of trusted, Board Certified surgeons whom you may wish to visit. Many of our patients come back for second or even third consultations to truly obtain all the information they need.

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