“Facetime” Facelifts – Plastic Surgery Evolving for Technology

Published on July 13, 2012

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We live in exciting times. Technology is evolving faster now than any time in history. Advances and discoveries in every field are happening all the time! As modern technology evolves, a ripple effect occurs in other aspects of life as we adjust to the impact.

The way we use our phones and computers for communication is a great example of this. Once upon a time, our telephones were a simple technology that was confined to the home where we could speak in our pajamas and nobody would know the difference. Now with the advent of smartphones and video calling, we are communicating face to face like never before.

For some, seeing one’s self on the internet is an eye opening experience. With phones and cameras looking at us from unflattering angles, some people are looking to change what they are seeing.

One particular area that plastic surgeons are addressing these video chatting concerns is with facelift procedures. For people who have had a facelift, plastic surgeons in the past have hidden the scars associated with the procedure under the chin. In our day to day conversations, this worked ideally and nobody would know you’ve had a procedure unless they were really looking for it. With iPhones and laptops becoming the preferred method of communication, the often low-lying cameras are now highlighting the very area used to hide the procedure.

As the world of technology grows, we must grow with it and the plastic surgery community is growing! Introducing the “Facetime” facelift. The “Facetime” facelift is a new approach to a facelift where the incisions are made behind and below the ear. This hides the remaining scars associated with the procedure from the casual eye as well as the prying eye of the webcam.

The “Facetime” facelift is a perfect balance of science, technology, and art which is the defining philosophy of Dr. Sepehr Egrari. It embraces the ever changing needs of his clients, understands the world and its current technology, and utilizes his artist eye and scientific know-how to help his clients achieve their beauty goals in the modern world. After all, feeling beautiful on the outside can allow for our inner beauty to come through even through the internet.

Things can change very quickly, especially when it comes to technology. No matter how fast things change, there are always people on the cutting-edge changing with it. You don’t have be left behind. Find out more about a “Facetime” facelift today by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Egrari today!