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Plastic surgery is not all about major surgery.

Introducing our Nurse Injector Service

  • Highly trained expert injectors
  • Always available
  • Lower price structure

We at Egrari Plastic Surgery Center continually strive to tailor to the needs of our patients and offer personal, and effective options for facial rejuvenation. We are excited to announce that we now offering injection services with two of our very own nurse injectors, Lexi Dudoit, RN and Lindsey Miletta, RN BSN. Our nurse injectors are a true extension of Dr. Egrari, sharing the same philosophy and passion for the artistry and science behind facial Botox and facial fillers. Lexi and Lindsey have extensive training and knowledge in injectable aesthetics, which includes all fillers, Botox, Dysport.

As injectables are an important part of plastic surgery, Dr. Egrari is also available for patients who request his service.

As with all that we do, we try very hard to bring you the latest and the greatest in the science of aesthetic surgery. What we recommend today is most likely not what we recommended five years ago, as our field is dynamic and ever-evolving. From the latest lasers to the greatest facial fillers we truly strive to be “state-of-the-art” in our field.

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