Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures Seattle

Breast enhancement

Breast enhancement and contouring requires a systematic approach. Your results rely on recognition of both the science and art of augmentation, lifting and reduction. Dr. Egrari takes into consideration important variables such as height, weight, starting breast shape, diameter and quality of the skin. This comprehensive and thorough evaluation leads to a single goal: proportion. Vectra XT 3D imaging system has brought a significant dimension in predicting what to expect. It provides an image of the patient’s upper body with the appropriate size implant. Allowing our patients to go home with more than just a number in mind.

With breast enhancement, your waist, hips and buttocks can appear more curvaceous. With breast reduction, you will uncover the comfort and beauty that has always been hidden.

Breast enhancements are a commitment to long-term care. As a center of excellence for breast surgery, we see many referrals for revisionary procedures to change implants, resize, improve and realign lifts and create better proportion.

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